Saudi Authorities Detains Sudanese citizen in Al-khobar


A Sudanese citizen has been held in detention in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since Thursday, the 23d of July 2015, without any charges.

Waleed Eldoud Almakki Alhussain, was detained from his house in Al-khobar in the Eastern Region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and then transferred to Dammam city.

Waleed was allowed several family visits, as his wife was permitted to see him three times; the last one was on 31st of August2015. 

He informed / told his family that he has been treated with dignified manner

The authorities confirmed that he is resident legally

Journalists for Human Rights – JHR – received confirmed reports that Mr. Waleed has been targeted by the Sudanese National Security Services (NISS) as being accused of publishing and administrating the well known Arabic Language website Alrakoba (  which is being considered by the authorities as an opposition website.

Alrakoba is a Sudanese news Arabic language website started in 2005 as a dialogue forum, then became news website since 2006 and has an impact in publishing news exposing corruption, human rights abuses and bad governance in Sudan.

JHR can confirm and assure that Mr. Waleed will be subjected to torture and might face the risk of death, if he is being deported to Sudan as the Sudanese security organs demands and seeks his deportation, to Khartoum, claiming that he is running and administrating the well known Arabic news website which has been highly targeted by the Sudanese intelligences organs and considered by the authorities as an opposition website.

Journalists for Human Rights- JHR- Sudan, appeals to individuals, groups and organizations monitoring and documenting human rights violations , to communicate with JHR through various methods available, including our e-mail contact (


Journalists for Human Rights – JHR  

Tuesday, 1st  of September 2015


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